Tan International is a focused UK based independent chemicals distributor offering a range of pharmaceutical grade products including GMP products and intermediate materials.

From a position of strength and experience in dealing with the pharmaceutical industry we deliver products and services ideally designed for the needs and aspirations of the modern, fast moving, cost sensitive pharmaceutical market.

Where quality matters

Tan International has a long history of supplying and supporting the pharmaceutical industry. For over 20 years we have been offering unrivalled experience and expertise in the areas of sourcing products and delivering customised solutions for this industry sector. Our specific strength has been our ability to tailor our products and services to the specific needs of our pharma customers. Examples of this are pre-batch selection, alternative packaging preparation and specific timed delivery slots in line with process planning.

Project single sourcing and management of strategic and non-strategic materials can be handled by us giving you a secure and reliable partner for chemical supply.

Strict quality and product safety procedures are followed to give our customers quality products and services. All of our materials are subject to strict batch control and integration with our labelling and computerised systems ensuring we can control every batch of each material delivered to each customer.

Our materials are supplied under ISO assurance and have been sourced from Global locations using partners and agents. We can offer first hand factory visits and reports on products and producer markets including India, China the US and the Middle East. By using partners and agents we can record first class market information without incurring heavy financial costs avoiding the overhead of branch offices in these locations. Over the years we have worked with many of the worlds largest and most prestigious pharmaceutical companies enjoying excellent relations, with them relying on our unique abilities and services.

Additional Information.

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