Food and Drink Ingredients

Tan International has been a key supplier to the UK food and drinks industry for over 20 years with a tradition of innovation, reliability and safe supply of quality ingredients.

We are proud suppliers to the world famous Scotch whisky industry as well as other globally recognised brands.

We offer dedicated warehouse facilities specifically for food and related products and ISO audited management systems including recognised accredited audit schemes.

We have some extremely prestigious customers demonstrating our quality service levels and high standards of food grade materials. Our food and drink industry coverage includes bakery sectors, sea food production and processing, alcoholic drinks, including the Scotch Whisky Industry, and the non-alcoholic drinks sector.

Products range from:
  • - Salts

  • - Sugars

  • - Citric Acids

  • - Vinegars

  • - Food Grade Chemicals

  • - Tartaric Acid

  • - Sodium Bicarbonate

With our dedicated food warehouse facilities and specialised clean area preparation facility, we are able to offer our customers a safe and reliable partner for food and related products. Our storage and distribution facilities are checked for the ever growing range of allergens and we endeavour to ensure this is consistently adhered to, with nuts in particular not stored in any of our facilities.

Our materials are sourced from quality proven and checked suppliers and producers from all over the world. Particular attention is paid to quality production facilities and the traceability of the materials being supplied, along with the ever important cost effective supply solution.

If you would like a quotation for any products please do not hesitate to get in touch with the team on +44 (0)1738 632 909.

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