industrial chemicals

TAN International Ltd is well placed to offer a wide range of industrial chemicals from its bulk storage facilities based in the UK, with over ten thousand tonnes of liquid storage and four thousand tonnes of dry or palletised storage available. Significant production, quality testing and logistical capabilities over multiple sites allows scale up to hundreds of tonnes per day.

We offer our customers a large selection of industrial chemicals ranging from acids and alkalis’ to speciality performance products and solvents. Cost effective products and logistical solutions are a crucial part of our service. Materials are offered in concentrated forms or diluted to customer specification using di-water or town’s water. These include:
  • - Acetic Acid

  • - Hydrochloric Acid

  • - Sulphuric Acid

  • - Formic Acid

  • - Caustic Soda

  • - Potassium Hydroxide

  • - Methanol

With over 40 bulk liquid storage tanks holding up to ten thousand tonnes and our dry storage facilities capacity of four thousand tonnes, we are able to store and deliver chemicals to a truly industrial scale. In addition to large scale supply we are able to offer our customers smaller pack deliveries on a closed loop, involving re-use of packaging and many innovative environmentally sound practices which set us apart from other distributor.

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