Food & Feed Ingredients

Below is a List of the Chemicals that we have in stock that we can offer reduced rates, for more information please give the team a call on 01738 632 909. If you have any redundant stock – we may be interested so please give us a call.
Acetic Acid 80% Kosher for Passover IBC 1000 Kg
Ammonium Bicarbonate FG in 25Kg bags 48/Pallet
Ascorbic Acid Bag 25Kg
Calcium Chloride Prills Bag 25kg Food Grade
Formic Acid 85%
Ground Gypsum Superfine White Bag 25kg (Calcium Sulphate)
Hydrogenated Polydecene
Lactic Acid FG Drum 25Kg
Magnesium Hydroxide EP Grade in Bags 25Kg
Magnesium Hydroxide Suspension Bulk Kgs
Malic Acid bag 25kg
Mono-Propylene Glycol USP/FG MPG IBC 1000KG
Potassium Sorbate Box 25Kg
Sodium Bicarbonate BP EP/USP Grade Bag 25Kg
Sodium Bicarbonate Food Grade in 25Kg Bags (42 per pal)
Sodium Caseinate Bag 25Kg
Sodium Gluconate Bag 25Kg
Sodium Metabisulphite Bag 25Kg 42/Pallet
Sodium Nitrite in 25Kg Bags with and without ACA
Spirit Vinegar 20% Food Grade
Tartaric Acid Kosher Bag 25Kg
Tri-Sodium Citrate BP Bag 25Kg 42 Pallet
Xylitol C Crystalline Food Grade Bag 25Kg
Dextrose Monohydrate FG Bag 25Kg
Fructose 99.5% Crystals Bag 25Kg
Glucose SP 20 Bag 25Kg 33/pallet
Powdered Sugar in 25kg Bags
Sodium Chloride Various Grades
Sugar Caster Bag 25Kg
Sugar Dark Soft Brown Bag 25Kg
Sugar Demarara
Sugar Golden Soft Brown Bag 25Kg
Sugar Granulated White Bag 25Kg
Sugar Light Brown Soft (Tate & Lyle) Paper Bag 25Kg
Sugar Light Soft Brown Bag 25Kg
Sugar Organic Demerara Bag 25Kg
Syrup Lyle Tub 25Kg
Basil Rubbed Paper Bag 10Kg
Black Pepper & Mustard Blend Paper Bags 25Kg
Cayenne Pepper Ground HOT 40000 HT Paper Bag 25Kg
Cayenne Pepper MILD Ground 25000 HT Paper Bag 25Kg
Chillies Crushed (Kosher) Paper Bag 20Kg
Cracked Black Pepper 12 Mesh Bag 25Kg
Cracked Black Pepper 12 Mesh Bag 25Kg
Cracked Black Pepper 8 Mesh Bag 25Kg
Cumin Seed Ground HT Paper Bag 25Kg
Curry Powder GMMF Paper Bag 25Kg
Dill Tips Polythene line Paper Bag 10Kg
Fennel Seed Ground Paper Bag 25Kg
Garlic Chips
Garlic Powder Chinese Plastic Bag 25Kg
Green Bell Peppers 3mm
Onion Powder Paper Bag 20Kg
Oregano Rubbed Paper Bag 10Kg
Paprika Powder Heated Treated Smoked Foil lined 25Kg Bags
Parsley Rubbed Englished Paper Bag 10Kg
Pepper White Ground Heat Treated 60 Mesh Plastic Bag 25Kg
Piri Piri Seasoning Paper Bag 25Kg
Red Bell Peppers 3mmStar Aniseed Ground Paper Bag 25Kg
Tarragon Leaf Rubbed Paper Bag 10Kg
Turmeric Ground Madras Kosher Bag 25Kg
Antifoam Various Grades
Ferric Sulphate 40% Solution Bulk
Organic Peroxide Type F Liquid Peracetic Acid 5% Drum Plastic 25Kg Vented
Organic Peroxide Type F Peracetic Acid Liquid 15% IBC 1100 Kgs
Sodium Silicate Crystal 79 Drum 285Kg
STRUKTOL SB 2086 IBC 900kg
TFR Triple Food 160BAC IBC 1000Kg

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