management system policy

Our policy is to identify customer requirements for chemicals, food and feed ingredients, and fertiliser products, and to supply material to meet these requirements in a safe and suitable manner.

We have established a number of objectives and are committed to achieving these to ensure that we continually improve the effectiveness of our systems and our compliance with legislative, security, and customer requirements. The objectives include targets related to improvement of customer satisfaction and prevention or minimisation of environmental and health and safety impacts and potential impacts, and implementation of a security plan.

The nature of some of the products we supply is such that they have a high potential risk for environmental, health and safety, and security impacts or potential impacts and our key objective is to control these risks while still providing a service which delivers the correct products to our customers, delivered in good condition at the agreed time.

This policy is included in our Policy Manual, which includes other policies as required by legislation or other requirements. Our policies are communicated to all employees, and visitors or contractors are informed of the appropriate polices which will affect them.

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