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Tan International is a crucial contributor to global sustainable seafood with production expected to increase by up to 50% over the next few years.

We offer a wide range of chemicals, packaging and products tailored for the aquaculture and fish farm industries. Products and services include biocides, preserving aids, feed additives and quick and effective distribution services to multiple sites in the UK and Europe.

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The aquaculture industry is an exciting and fast developing global business. Its position in relation to providing sustainable seafood makes this industry a crucial element of the world’s ability to feed itself in a sustainable way. The expected demand for seafood produced by the aquaculture industry world wide will increase by 50% by 2030.

Tan International is committed to supporting this industry and has a comprehensive list of products and packaging items tailored to the aquaculture and related industries. With stock items held in the UK, delivery can be made to often remote locations throughout the UK and Ireland using efficient cost effective local distribution providers. The UK is the largest aquaculture producer in the EU, accounting for 30% of total EU aquaculture production, and our facilities are situated ideally to service this area.

Materials and services offered by Tan International include the products listed below;
  • - Specialist aquaculture disinfectants

  • - Cleaning chemicals and products

  • - Ensiling agents

  • - Feed preservatives

  • - IBC containers and packaging

  • - On site bunded storage tanks

These are just a few examples of some of the materials and services we offer which are applicable to the aquaculture industry. All of our products have been designed to have a minimum and often zero impact on the environment and in addition to these products packaging, anti-spill control products are available along with extensive advice and support in minimising detrimental environmental impact as well as costly waste. Recycling of packaging along with on site bunded storage tanks are examples of our commitment to sustainable supply and are offered as an example of waste minimisation and environmentally sound practice.

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