mission statement

Our mission is to deliver responsible solutions to meet our customers requirements, and achieve sustainable growth in the distribution and supply of chemicals, food and feed ingredients, and fertiliser products, in a safe, suitable, and legal manner.

As a company with increasingly global contacts, we aim to work with suppliers and customers to become their preferred partner, building long term, mutually rewarding relationships. We work with our partners to earn their trust and respect by delivering responsible and innovative win-win solutions.

We attract people with entrepreneurial spirit who are proud to be part of Tan International, and provide the opportunities and tools for them to succeed. We expect ethical behaviour and high performance from every employee.

We are committed to working safely and protecting the environment. We do not tolerate unsafe behaviour by staff or contractors at our site and provide information and assistance to our customers to ensure that they also can handle our products in a safe manner.

We have policies to work in an ethical and socially responsible manner, and ensure that our suppliers also work in accordance with these principles. We will not deal with suppliers whose safety record would indicate a disregard for the safety of their employees or for the environment.

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