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Formed in 1983, Tan International is a chemicals company whose activities now service an ever evolving chemicals and food ingredients customer base in the UK and Europe.

Based primarily in the UK, Tan International offer independent access to the worlds chemical supply base.

Tan International is a member of the Chemical Business Association and as such is fully committed to the principals of the Responsible Care and the associated good environmental practice essential for a modern chemical business. Tan International represents high quality products and services and always adds value to the businesses we serve.
Mission statement.
Our mission is to deliver responsible solutions to meet our customers requirements, and achieve sustainable growth in the distribution and supply of chemicals, food and feed ingredients, and fertiliser products, in a safe, suitable, and legal manner.
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Terms & Conditions of Trade.
The Buyer’s attention is drawn to the limitations of liability contained in this Agreement and in particular to the provisions of clause 14 below. The Buyer’s attention is also drawn to the provisions of clause 18.1 which require the Buyer to examine the Goods promptly after delivery.
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Management System Policy.
Our policy is to identify customer requirements for chemicals, food and feed ingredients, and fertiliser products, and to supply material to meet these requirements in a safe and suitable manner.
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Tan International is fully accredited in the industry. Visit our accreditations page to download our latest accreditations.
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Community Involvement.
TAN International is committed to integration and support of our community and as such has supported many causes and events over the years.  It is important to the business to be part of the local community and to take a positive proactive approach in this area.  
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Brenntag UK Tax Strategy 2020.
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