General chemical sales

TAN International Ltd has significant depth of knowledge and experience in supplying general chemicals, related products and services to a wide variety of industries and applications. Below is just a small sample of the general chemicals we can supply.
  • - Acetic Acid

  • - Deionised Water

  • - Ammonia

  • - Citric Acid

  • - Glycerine

  • - Hydrogen Peroxide*

  • - Per acetic Acid*

  • - Sulphuric Acid

  • - Caustic Potash Flake

  • - Caustic Soda Prill

  • - Caustic Soda Liquor *

  • - Formic Acid 85%

  • - Hydrochloric Acid*

  • - Nitric Acid

  • - Phosphoric Acid*

*Various Dilutions available upon request

A large range of materials ranging from A for acetic acid to Z for zinc sulphate can be delivered, often on a next-day basis giving our customers assurance of our commitment to their often difficult manufacturing schedules. By supplying a superior and more innovative service to our customers than that of our competitors, we have built a large loyal base of companies with whom we have worked for many years.

If you would like a quotation for any products please do not hestitate to get in touch with the team on +44 (0)1738 632 909

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